24 Points of the FISA Report from Barr

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    William Barr Has Suddenly Become Chatty— and He’s Provided Quite an Information Dump.

    1. Don’t expect Durham’s findings to be announced before late Spring or Summer 2020.

    2. The FBI did spy on the Trump campaign. That’s what electronic surveillance is.

    3. Regarding FBI’s actions in surveilling Trump campaign associates, it was a “travesty” and there were “many abuses.”

    4. From “day one,” the FBI investigation generated exculpatory information (tending to point to the targets’ innocence) and nothing that corroborated Russia collusion.

    5. It’s a “big deal” to use U.S. law enforcement and intelligence resources to investigate the opposing political party and I cannot think of another recent instance where this happened.

    6. Evidence to start the FBI’s investigation into Trump associates was “flimsy” from the start and based on the idea that Trump aide George Papadopoulos expressed he may have had pre-knowledge of a Democrat National Committee computer hack. However, it was actually just an offhand barroom comment by a young campaign aide described merely as a “suggestion of a suggestion, a vague allusion” to the fact that the Russians may have something they can dump. But by that time, May 2016, there was already rampant speculation online and in political circles that the Russians had hacked Hillary emails in 2014 and that they might surface. So the idea that Papadopoulos’s comment showed pre-knowledge of the Democratic National Committee hack and dump “is a big stretch.”

    see the site for the rest.
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    Papadopoulos claims that Joseph Mifsud (a western intelligence agent - not a russian agent that the left tried to claim) set him up with the 'Russians hacked the dnc emails' and then the Austrailian diplomat at a bar approached him and got him to retell it.
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