Abilene, TX Coronavirus Patient & Wife Forced to Quarantine After Refusing To Do So

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    Abilene coronavirus patient, wife being forced to quarantine after refusing to do so | KTXS
    Jamie Burch
    Monday, March 30th 2020

    ABILENE, Texas — An Abilene coronavirus patient and his wife are being forced to quarantine after refusing to do so.

    City Manager Robert Hanna said the man -- who's in his 40's and tested positive on Sunday -- had traveled to New York with his wife.

    Hanna said the couple did not self-quarantine when they returned even though he was symptomatic for Covid-19.

    They even went about their daily lives after he was tested, said Hanna.

    “This kind of behavior is irresponsible," said Hanna. "This is the kind of behavior that makes other people sick.”

    The couple is now being monitored 24/7 by law enforcement.

    “I will not hesitate to fine people, place them in forced quarantine or use ankle monitoring," Hanna said.

    Hanna said the City will contact anyone they believe was exposed by the couple.

    “I am not going to play around with this," Hanna said. "If you test positive for Covid-19 and are walking around the public, you are going to regret you did that.”
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    I think this hits home for Joe. Does me too, Abilene is currently the closest confirmed cases near me. Only 14 so far to date with most of them being people working or patients at a Disability Resource Inc (DRI)

    But the nerve of people being this irresponsible/selfish. I think the neighbors may need to tell them to move, maybe NYC is the permanent place for them. They should be easily identifiable, only ones in town with a cop car watching their house.
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    Wow, what a stupid and selfish SOB. Abilene is my home and I'm glad to see the authorities not messing around with that guy.
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    if one needs quarantined, THEY NEED TO ABIDE and follow protocol. Im all for that. In this case, I agree with what Abilene/taylor county did. I live a rocks throw from there.I see this stuff every day.
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    Yea that is ridiculously selfish. The world is set up to cater to people in quarantine right now so there is no need for them to do that other than pure selfishness. With my family going though the virus we have been in quarantine for almost three weeks. That is 100% to keep other people from getting it. I do not know how someone like that can sleep at night.
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