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    No that wasn't her problem.

    But far leftists aren't poised to do well in the upcoming election unless Trump tanks.

    You don't counter populism with liberalism, you counter it with rationalism.
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    I'd disagree. Despite Trump's flaws, conservatives still supported him, because they have been hearing for 24 years how evil and corrupt the Clintons are. Clinton on the other hand, was viewed by many on the left as the enemy because of her "half measures" on the environment and the economy. No way of knowing, but I think Sanders or Warren easily beat Trump in a general election 2 weeks ago.
  3. Pol

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    We can agree to disagree here.

    Teddy, Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt and LBJ are likely the two most extreme "leftists" we've elected given the political climate during their tenure since the dawn of the 19th century, but back then a woman working as anything other than a secretary was a community-wide felt shock.

    Our country is not going to elect Sanders or Warren. Warren whined and cryed about the crisis, good she got the word out, Steve Schwarzman fixed it. Sanders has been protesting everything for 50 years as pictures of him getting arrested as a college kid demonstrates - I respect him, but he is too extreme. His idealology is very similar to French President Hollande - who came in with approval ratings over 70%, making him the most popular leader on the world stage, fast forward 4 years and his approval rating is around 4%, some polls have it coming in at 0 when asking 200 countrymen, meaning not a single one approves of the work he is doing. That has given rise to the National Front (basically Nazis, large faction of the party is anti-semitic but they are not the majority, but they are there... same thing in 1932) and as todays great article demonstrates - Marine Le Pen has taken a huge lead over Nicolas Sarkozy in the latest French presidential election poll

    Marine Le Pen takes huge lead over Nicolas Sarkozy in French first round presidential election poll
    Results likely to add to growing fears far far-right leader could be on course for victory in wake of shock Brexit and US presidential votes

    She wants to leave the EU and basically "restore the glory of France". We've heard that rhetoric before. Former President Sarkozy, who lost to Hollande, is her primary competition.

    This situation can easily play out in America - come 2020 Sanders or Warren is elected, come 2024, even Democrats are getting behind returning Trump to the White House.

    Sounds crazy, but that is exactly what is happening in France right now.
  4. Inferno2ss

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    The fact that liberals want Michelle Obama to run shows just how lost the Democratic party is.
  5. YoMick

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    It's more important to elect someone of "historic significance" than it is to elect someone who will do something.

    Obama - first black president. Didn't matter than he had what? Less than two years experience as a senator?

    Hillary - first woman. Don't care what she has done. Bad, worse or treasonous.

    Michelle - a twofer ... black and a woman. Bingo!
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    Google "ape in high heels" and see who's picture pops up. Racism in the country is out of control, or so the left would have us think. :rolleyes:
  7. cml750

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    Run Joe run!!!! Crazy uncle Joe would be a hoot. He may need surgery to remove the foot he has permanently implanted in his mouth if he plans on running.
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  8. mattjames2010

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  9. MSW

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    I was a Biden fan prior to the plagiarizing of the speech some years ago.

    Today I consider him simply one of the "greasiest" politicians out there.

    If I were a democrat I'd tell him to step aside.
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  10. Miguel Sanchez

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    He's "friendly" with women in his humor as well. He's made some bad gaffes in the past that will tear him down right now in this climate. Agree, step aside and tell HRC you don't get three tries :) He should've ran this round, but with his son's death and the DNC touting HRC, he stepped aside unfortunately.
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  11. iceberg

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    other than to impeach trump for any given act, what does the left want? i don't see an agenda, platform, goals to meet - just screaming at trump 24x7.

    as for biden - great. lob his child hair smelling self out there and lets see how well that goes over anymore.
  12. Friedrich Nietzsche

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    I thought this was supposed to be a pro liberal sub-forum.
  13. Reality

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    It will be soon!
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  14. okwian

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    Too old and too left. They need a centrist young blood.
  15. Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Baby boomers are dying off and the new voters are more liberal. Young is fine but centrist I am not sure is what is needed.
  16. okwian

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    Maybe. Centrist is needed altho far left may be what we get.
  17. cml750

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    Not disagreeing with you but wanted to point out that Bernie was / is very popular with the younger crowd and he is neither young or centrist. I am not sure where Biden stands with the younger people. I actually do see your point on this.
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  18. Hognutz

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    Aaaaaand we're still hearing it and seeing it unfold daily. We conservatives were and are right about the Clintons- evil and corrupt is the nicest way to put it.

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