Military-Industrial Complex | Schiff & Co. Making Bank In Ukraine

Discussion in 'General Politics' started by iceberg, Dec 3, 2019.

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    Military-Industrial Complex | Schiff & Co. Making Bank In Ukraine - Loomered

    and we begin to find more and more reasons why the left/dems don't want trump poking around in the ukraine.

    "Incredibly, Schiff, part of the House Appropriations Committee back in 2013, facilitated the Pentagon awarding Pasternak’s company a $50 million grant to develop a prototype blimp for delivering cargo to military bases. Where is the prototype? Nowhere. He wasn’t required to produce one. Says so in his grant award. He got $50 MIL to think about it, talk about it, and dream about it."

    $50mil to not produce anything at all. hmmm.

    "In a previous article, (HERE) we had reported to you that around that time, Russia was making its move on the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea after the “Ukrainian Revolution.” President Obama was pretending to lay low in all of that, saying giving military aid to Ukraine would be a violation of international law, but instead he offered them $50 MIL earlier that year for “elections” and revamping their “judicial” matters, around the time Hunter Biden took up his board seat and Joe Biden made strong aggressive moves. Very contradictory don’t you think?"

    now this is some pretty serious "quid pro quo".

    "According to the press, Obama “resisted” pressure from Congress and Secretary of State John Kerry (who also had a payday from Burisma). His “hot mic” comment with a Russian leader said otherwise."

    back to the "hot mic" comment and some clarity around what that really meant.

    "Aside from the $50 MILLION Pasternak received to think about blimps from the Pentagon, the Ukraine placed an order to buy Pasternak’s blimps using U.S. taxpayer money via the aid package we gave them. #DoubleDipping or MONEY LAUNDERING? Where are the blimps? Have you seen them?

    Let me break this down. Aeros got $50 MIL from the U.S. to think about developing AIR CARGO blimps, then Ukraine paid Aeros with our money to buy the blimps to TRANSPORT weapons to Ukraine, and Aeros then got more money to help them with surveillance. Where are the blimps? Have you seen any blimps?"

    i've not seen any blimps. have you seen any blimps?

    the left - if they truly stand for honestly and balance of fairness, should be livid at all this. if trump did it, i would say he's got to go. if ANYONE did this, they got to go and be held accountable.

    yet the left is still calling trump the criminal while they simply ignore all this.
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    Can you say, Conflict of Interest? Shiff should have never had anything to do with this impeachment inquiry, let alone chair the proceedings. This has to be cause enough to throw the whole thing out by the Chief Justice once articles of impeachment are received by the Senate,
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    Actually I saw a blimp earlier this year. Of course I work next to a Goodyear plant and it was the Goodyear blimp doing a flyover of the plant. That being said I have not seen any Ukrainian blimps. ;)
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    The link doesn't work for me. Was there additional information that you didn't post that I missed?

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