15 Best Conservative News Sites On the Internet & More

Discussion in 'Pro-Conservative Discussions' started by JoeKing, Dec 15, 2017.

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    National Review and sometimes the WSJ. I mostly get it from FNC and when I see a topic/issue, I will go investigate it on various sources. I don't take what FOX says like gospel, I will confirm it for myself. It is just a good starting point.

    Oh, I don't mean from Hannity or Tucker either........they are there for my entertainment when I want to bash on those liberals :)
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    i just can't watch fox much at all. tucker is just like some pimple faced kid who loves to take the most extreme example of an opinion and tout it as if it's THE prevalent opinion for the other side. i'm pretty much a "stop making idiots famous" person and shows his do just that and not much more.

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