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    Just for fun, post pairs of 1 public stance 1 private stance that HRC has in conflict as shown by Wikileaks:

    So far from the Wikileaks emails here are the duplicit positions I have seen so far: (not including the newest drop of emails)
    1. Fracking: Publicly she opposes, privately she is for it
    2. Wall Street accountability: Publicly she said she wants to take it to them, privately she told them it was all just political talk.
    3. Trade and borders: Publicly she said she wants to have secure borders but allow people to come in and that she is "no long" for TPP. Privately she talked of her dream of a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders

    Can anyone else think of other ones I missed?

    (one more just for fun)
    4. Opinion on voters: Publicly she said she cares about every single american, Privately (well to a very friendly crowd) she called 25+% of the population deplorable.
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    She privately pointed out that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are sponsoring Sunni terrorists.
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    It would actually help if you linked the emails in question so we could check your characterizations.
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    I wanted to but at work they blocked twitter. The ones I put in my OP are the ones that were widely discussed already via multiple news sources.
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    Will update this post as I find more.
    Here is a pdf with the lots of the emails and categories Paid Speeches Flags.pdf

    Education: (Publicly she is for programs like Common Core: Privately she is against it) page 13
    Open borders comment ( publicly she said she wants border security, privately open borders): page 55
    Fracking comments (publicly against fracking, privately for it): page 23
    Keystone comments (publicly against Keystone, privately for it): page 23
    Syrian refugees (publicly says we can vet Syrian refugees, privately says it can't be done: page 67
    No Fly Zone doubts (publicly says we must have them, privately expresses doubt on them): page 66
    Praising Wallstreet: (publicly says she will wage war on Wallstreet, privately she praises them) page 72
    Regulating wallstreet: (publicly says wallstreet must be regulated, privately she says Wallstreet can regulate itself, "Speaking About The Importance Of Proper Regulation, Clinton Said “The People That Know The Industry Better Than Anybody Are The People Who Work In The Industry.”") page 75

    Universal healthcare: (publicly she said she would just try to modify Obamacare, privately she said she wants a Canada like system) page 35 (cont from 34)
    "And I'm hoping that whatever the shortfalls or the glitches have been, which in a big piece of legislation you're going to have, those will be remedied and we can really take a hard look at what's succeeding, fix what isn't, and keep moving forward to get to affordable universal healthcare coverage like you have here in Canada"

    Islam: (publicly will not ID Islamic Terrorists are tied in any way to the Muslim world: privately says “We Can't Close Our Eyes To The Fact That There Is A Distorted And Dangerous Strain Of Extremism” Spreading Within The Muslim World.) page 46

    Marine recruiter story: (publicly she tells a story that she was rejected from Marines due to being a woman, privately she tells that it was because she was too old) page 49

    On personal wealth: (publicly tries to pass herself off as champion of the middle class, privately says she is "far removed from the struggles of the middle class") page 50

    On TPP: (publicly she now says she is against it, privately she is quite for it) page 56

    On terrorism: (publicly she said terror is a threat to the US as a nation, privately she said terrorism is "not a threat to US as a Nation, but remains a real threat" She said "It is not going to endanger our economy or our society, but it is a real threat." ) page 70
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    Islam: (publicly will not ID Islamic Terrorists are tied in any way to the Muslim world: privately says “We Can't Close Our Eyes To The Fact That There Is A Distorted And Dangerous Strain Of Extremism” Spreading Within The Muslim World.) page 46

    this one is dangerous to me. placating someone you fear to me is a huge mistake.

    no i don't believe all muslims are bad. that's crap on a wicker stick. but if only 10% want to hurt/kill - just how many is that? if you were one of 'em, how would *You* get to the US to maximize your life taking theirs? would going on the syrian peace train to the US be an option? it would be for me. all expense paid trip to kill my enemies. the irony alone would be tantalizing.

    i also agree - to a point - with the liberals in that we should help. but why is our only option "run away" and let assad do what he's doing to cause the problem. stop being a bandaid and go after the source of the issue. no one wants war - saying one side does and one side doesn't is stupid. if you point out trump - hey, just cause the man is wearing a dress doesn't make him trans. ok? he may be running as a repub but is he? i've yet to hear anyone call him conservative so if you're looking at bad traits in a stereotype - think again where trump the racist war monger really sits.

    all that said - no reasonable (could have just used that word to start huh?) person wants war. but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. solve the problem and stop being a freaking band aide.

    Famagusta, the ghost town at the heart of Cyprus

    there. start them off there and rebuild a ghost city vs. put money into moving them around. find a few more of these and go.

    while not into testing for religion, frisking, and bans at all - those are just over-reactionary, but there should be a heightened awareness of muslims. now we go to "profiling" and yes - that's what it would be. but until other groups are causing this kind of issue, we need to focus on the one that is. it is 100% unfortunate we *need* to do this but if i'm looking for radical muslims i should put the diversity checklist down and look for muslims. if i'm a peaceful muslim i would cooperate and understand *my group* is causing the issue and i want to help stop it also. cooperate and move on. orlando happened by and large because when people said "the muslim is acting funny" they screamed ISLAMAPHOBIA and giggled so they had to back off or the PC Police would come after them and social networking would crash for the day as billions of facebook users changed their profile pics at once and proudly did a #standswithstupidstuff proclamation.

    we can't be afraid of the PC nature at this point - that is what got us into it this deep. i'm certainly not advocating we just 180* the other way but we need to call it what it is and if you're offended, get over it. we can't let the fact someone is going to be offended stop us from doing what needs to be done.

    the constitution offers life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness but it doesn't guarantee it - we must do that. and even then it's just the "pursuit" of happiness. never said you have a right to *be* happy. and it damn well doesn't say a freaking thing about your sensibilities and getting to make anything you find offensive go away.

    so to me - for her to placate the PC mob on one side and sit back on her side and say "holy **** this is an issue" first actually makes me feel better. if she wants to pull trump supporters over - lose the 1st stance and highlight the 2nd. will she lose dems? if they've not stopped worshiping her every lie so far i fail to see why they'd run away from her now.

    but what *all* of these say is she will "rule" by popular vote and tell people what they want to hear.
    tell you all to go F yourselves she'll do what she wants.

    like most people however, she's likely to blend this around. her "fear" of people not liking her stances is a huge issue to me. this i believe is what drives her lies.

    if you believe something - say it. in this instance simply say she sees this as a real threat but is open to working with others for a cooperative solution.

    why is that so hard to do, much less say?

    and all these public / private hillaries - anyone surprised?

    but i can't stand that type of "leadership" which could be a core to why i don't care for her at all.
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    Youtube review of the WikiLeaks that I thought was pretty good and points out lots of interesting emails.

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