The Shocking Reason The Nfl’s Ratings Are Plummeting

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    The Shocking Reason The NFL’s Ratings Are Plummeting – Conservative Revival

    "Ever since San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick announced he was protesting the national anthem and American flag, conversation surrounding the NFL has been overtaken by other players joining in the protests of supposed economic, social, and racial inequality liberals claim exists in America.

    But football fans are not embracing these social justice warriors who are sticking their left-wing politics into their Sunday afternoons."
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    Saw this coming a mile away. Football is an escape from the rest of the world. Fans don't want politics in it.
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    I thought it was because Romo got hurt.
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    Dak Attack > Romo.
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    Conservative forum, conservative point of view... conservative revival... get out if you don't like it. go troll somewhere else
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    If Dallas would have remained a dynasty over the last 20 years, this thread would not exist! :D
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    NFL television ratings are reportedly down across the board, including the big three of Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football.

    The reason? Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated writes that the presidential campaign has something to do with it, and I think he’s on to something. Fans complain the NFL is too predictable. With Trump in the presidential campaign, you never know what’s going to happen.
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    I think there are many reasons why NFL viewing is down.

    Such as (in no particular order):
    • People are cord cutting cable/satellite service and DirecTV does not make streaming available to everyone.
    • A lot of teams have bad quarterbacks which makes people less interested in following their favorite team.
    • A lot of fan resentment over Goodell's handling of several player cases including Tom Brady's.
    • Colin Kapernick disrespecting the flag and national anthem by not standing.
    • More players joining Kapernick's flag/anthem protest.
    • People are spending less time watching live TV in general.
    • More people showing interest in college football since they switched to playoff system.
    • There are fewer superstar players in the NFL and several of the ones that are superstars are hurt (Romo, Bridgewater, Watt, etc.) or performing poorly.
    • Mostly the same teams making it to the conference championships and super bowl each year.
    • Excessive and constant commercials while watching NFL games.
    • In general, people are more attention-span challenged now and cannot sit and watch a 3-4 hour game.
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    I believe some of this protest stuff has turned people off to watching the NFL. I have a few work friends who've completely stopped watching the NFL because of all the time they spend on this subject in pre-games, post games, making sure to show the players who are kneeling.

    For me personally I don't know what to honestly think on it. On the one hand I find it really stupid that anyone is kneeling during the national anthem and disrespecting the men and women who fight, and die, to give you the right to live free and play a kids game for millions and millions of dollars. It comes of as very stupid and hypocritical.

    On the other hand they are in that free country that allows demonstration and free speech and they're practicing it. I find the reasoning that Colin gave to not be genuine.
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    the way you choose to utilize your freedoms will say a lot about how you respect them.

    this is just the current fad and people want to be a "part of it". most just are tired of it and are looking elsewhere to NOT find this thrown in their face.

    myself? i have the cowboys on, not much else anymore when it comes to football.
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