Where did you used to get your political discussion fix?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussions' started by cml750, Aug 29, 2016.

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    No links please and keep it general! Remember rule #21
    Until I found this site through the Zone, I used to debate on a basketball team forum with a debate and discussion section ( I will not specify due to rule #21). The ratio there was about 9 to 1 liberal to conservative and only a few of the liberals were actually good debaters most preferring to just attack without any substance. Anytime you tried to have a good debate it was almost impossible due to all the drive-by attacks from the petty, juvenile posters. There was very little moderation on that site. This site is a breath of fresh air. Thanks Reality!!!!!
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    I'm pretty sure I know what forum you are talking about. I've had the exact same experience on a basketball team forum that has a politics section. I share your appreciation for this site. Thanks Reality!!!!!!

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